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Las chaquetas de plumas te envuelven en un suave calor, aislando tu núcleo de las temperaturas heladas y el viento. Son extremadamente comprimibles, extremadamente ligeras por su calidez y ultra cómodas para el uso durante todo el día.

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Water seeps through the right sleeve of my jacket?

There are no visible tears or rips. It's "deflated" compared to the left sleeve. I actually haven't washed it yet since I've only worn it about 10 times in a time span of 8 months (California weather). I'm having trouble finding out what's wrong with it.

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Here is a link to an answer that I provided before which shows that Patagonia will fix their products for free (at least in Australia and to my knowledge the U.K. as well).

How to fix a hole in my new Patagonia Yulux Wetsuit?

Here is a link to the contact page for Patagonia in California (I think). Perhaps you should contact them and see if they do it there for free as well. Their ironclad guarantee seems to indicate that they do.

Update (11/18/2017)


You should still contact Patagonia.

There doesn't necessarily have to be any "physical damage" to the product.

It is obviously not performing to your satisfaction and their guarantee states that you have to be satisfied with their product. If not then return it for a repair etc.

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