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Guías de reparación y desensamblaje para el Compaq Presario CQ60.

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Can my power button be replaced on my laptop?

The Power Button is Broken and I can't turn on my laptop anymore can my power button be replaced?

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I had this problem with that exact laptop, I had taken it apart to inpspect for any problems, for me it just wouldn't turn on due to the battery,

So a good step is to check the battery is still working, and same with the charger.

But the Answer to your question... Yes the Button can be replaced, their are a couple parts too the power on button though.

Hopefully the only problem is the actually button cover, the circular plastic you push on the outside,

Otherwise you can also replace the rubber along with the button.

Hopefully you won't have to replace the motherboard, your best bet if all else fails is to get a new pc. :/

But if you are able too, take the laptop apart, having access to the power button, try switching it on the motherboard itself with the front cover off, I do warn you though that this could damage the pc if treated incorrectly.

If you need any help, just send a comment!

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Mr.anderson can u help me please with a problem like this. My email address is thank u

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My power button is not broken but when l start it run for 4 second only and shutdown automatically l want to get repair it.Please help to repair is Compaq Presario CQ60.

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@Razdantina Tina

Does it also do this with the charger connected and switched on?

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