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Whay I cant swich my ue55ju6000k tv on?

Tv stitched off, and not possible to turn it on. The strange thing, we have two samsung tv's and thay both broke in the same time,same problem...

Update (11/05/2017)

back of tv

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@ulladulla if that is your board check the fuse just above the AC line in on the right side. check for continuity. What numbers are on the circuit board and why did you remove it already?


I found in internet the same board from (board number) , because I already closed the TV lid


For the second tv we had garanty, as we bought it 2days ago


I don't have tools to check power of fuse at the moment


I see. The reason why we need to see your board is strictly so we can help you diagnose it. Your capacitors and IC's may be in the same place but they may have failed.

You are right, never try to fix things for as long as they are under warranty. Good thinking.


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@ulladulla make sure that your power outlets are definitely working. It could be a mere coincidence that both failed at exactly the same time but I'd check the power to the TV's first.

If you find that you do have power to the TV's then I would recommend that you check the power supply board. Remove the back of your TV and check the fuses on the board for continuity and measure to see if your get power to those.

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Post some pictures of your power boards with your question so that we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.

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