The ZTE ZMax Pro is identified by its black color, rear fingerprint sensor and its model name, Z981, which can be found under the rear case.

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How much is it to fixed my screen

My screen is shattered how much would it cost to get it fixed

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How much is it to get my screen fixed on my zte max pro


My phone screen the glass part is shattered from the top left corner. How much would it cost to fix the screen?


How much is it to fix my screen zte max pro


how must do it cast to get my phone screen fix


How my will my zte phonecist to fix the screen


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If you wanted to repair the phone your self, the display assembly is around $30-35 USD.

It would likely be $20-$40 labor for a shop to do it.

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Buy oem screen on eBay 28 bux, prolly 20 labor from "pro..." Or YouTube that ish yourself.

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