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La Nutri Ninja es una licuadora personal de Ninja Kitchen. Esta licuadora no tiene botones: comienza a mezclar cuando insertas la jarra en la base. Tiene una potencia de 900 vatios.

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Why does the blender get loud and smell?

The blender started being much louder and there is a burning smell coming out of the base. Where should I start if I want to fix it?

Should I order any parts? Or can I just maybe grease it somewhere?

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I have a Ninja BL685 that emits an odor when mixing smoothies. How do I FIX?

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tengo el mismo problema, la compre hace tres meses

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I bought a brand new blender and I get the burning smell. Had the same thing with the last one. I know they sometimes smell because they are new. But that shouldn't last

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So I took a gamble…I put about a half a cup of water in the cup and about a quarter of a cup of olive oil. I blended the mixture for a few seconds. The olive oil released the black gook that was inside the blade mechanism. I then rinsed the blade and dried it and blended the olive oil and water again. The olive oil completely lubricated the blade mechanism. It's no longer stiff and moves freely nor is there smoking or high pitch sound. Olive oil is water soluble so even if I get some in my smoothie it's not harmful. Moral of the story is I think there is a way to lubricate the blades without having to take them apart. Just like you would put olive oil in your baking pans to lubricate them the blade mechanism need it too.

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Legendary suggestion!

I was thinking I had a motor burnout with the smell.

Your tip seems to make it quieter & NO smell.


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@hornikmartin those blenders really do not use any amount of grease etc. I suggest that you take it apart using these guides Nutri Ninja BL450 Then check the bearing on the motor and check for any visible damage. You can always post some images of what you find with your question. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente for that

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I have gone through 3 blade assemblies now and I have become an expert and identifying the cause and result of this one issue.

Indicators to this issue:

  1. Noise of machine changes from spinning to a “free spinning” sound which is significantly louder
  2. plastic burning smell emitted
  3. Chunks of plastic remain in the engine base docking area.
  4. Brown liquid in the base area
  5. If all of these are happening then the cause is that your blade was probably submerged in water at some time with heat. This has popped the seal on the bearing case and the lubricant has leaked and now the bearing is rusting and can’t handle the heat being generated from the speed of rotation.
  6. The test is to blend a water only smoothie and see if the water changes colour to a dirty brown, if so the bearing seal is gone and the water + rust is leeching into the smoothie.

Stop use immediately buy a new blade assembly.


don’t put the blade in the dishwasher - the rapid heating and cooling breaches the bearing seal.

don’t submerge or leave submerged the blade assembly

Verdict - the blade assembly is not a well constructed part considering it’s high speed use and need for bearing integrity. It is very susceptible to damage and water ingress.

That’s what I’ve found

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Everything you described is what has happened to my ninja blade. And this is my second one to get damaged. I don’t recall submerging it in water because I try to wash it as soon as I’m done making my smoothie. But I guess it’s possible if it happened as I washed my dishes and it sat in the sink. Or when someone else washed the blade for me while I was busy. Now I know what to do and hopefully this next blade will last much longer. And speaking of longevity, how long should the average ninja blade last? Does anyone know? And my final question: Do I need to worry about my ninja blender base having any damage because of this issue? The first time this happened, I threw out the base and bought a whole new set which is my current one. Thanks for any help/advice on this topic. This website is super helpful!

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I had a similar failure, but I don't think it was caused by heat. I think it happened because I overfilled the cup, not leaving enough airspace, and the pressure from blending forced liquid past the seal.

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Hi Jono, thanks for the info - this is exactly what has happened to mine. Could I just check though that I completely understand? I basically can't use the smoothie jugs any more because of the screeching sound. I replaced the blade a couple of months ago and it was ok for a bit, then started back up again. Both the food processor and blender jugs work fine, it's just the smoothie jugs. I had the issue you described - a lot of black grease coming out, bits of black plastic leftover and a burning smell. What can I do to be able to use these parts again? When you say blade assembly, do you mean the blade that screws into the smoothie jug? If so, replacing it only temporarily helped. Anything else that might work?

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Thanks for this info! I recently made a shake and noticed smoke and a weird smell. Not too long after I drank the shake, I got very sick and threw it all up (sorry for the TMI). After reading this, I blended only water and it completely changed color, confirming that rust had leaked into my shake making me sick. I'm pretty sure I ruined the bearing seal over time by putting the blade in the dishwasher. I'll be ordering a new blade assembly ASAP! Thanks again for the heads up- I'm so glad I saw this before anyone else got sick from using our Ninja.

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will changing the blade assembly solve the issue? or do I need to replace the entire blender?

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Part 1: first attempt

Here's what I found with my Nutra-Ninja. Melted plastic after unscrewing the wheel driving the blades. Note: It's a left-hand thread. Applied some silicone spray and this eliminated the vibration (for now anyway, will see how it goes).

Block Image

Block Image

Part 2 second attempt:

Took the extractor blade assembly apart (again) to work on reducing the amount of noise coming from the blender. The model I'm working on is the "Nutra Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo with Auto-iQ Boost", models NN100, NN100A, NN101, NN102 - these model numbers use the same motor and extractor (blade) assembly.

Removed the bearing retainer:

Block Image

Pulled out blade assembly, cleaned and lubricated it with silicone spray. Then reassembled. Reduced the noise level a little bit.

Block Image

To see where the most of the noise is coming from, the motor can be run without the extractor blade assembly installed. Just attach one of the cups and briefly run the motor to see how much noise is generated. Compare to noise level with extractor blade installed. For my blender, there seems to be 2X the amount of noise when run with the extractor blade vs just the motor running.

Note: there are two stainless steel bearings installed. Manufactured by Ningbo Zhenhai Hualei Bearing Co., Ltd - (HLGS). Part number is: S698RS. Bearing size: ID x OD x hole size = 8mm x 19mm diameter x 6mm thick. Bearing is a sealed unit.

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