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Can I replace the charger port?

It will work for 2 minutes while on charger but if I move it, it will shut down. Battery says dead or low, if unplugged doesn't work at all. Is there anyway to fix this?

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First put a new battery in it. While doing so look for any corrosion or bad connections.

Microsoft Zune 30 GB Battery Replacement

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If doing what @mayer suggested doesn't fix it, it is possible to replace your charger port+motherboard, and it is rather easy. When you're replacing your battery be sure to get a battery with a straight connector, as many sellers advertise iPod batteries as compatible with Zune when the connector is indeed wrong.

Link for a good, proper battery:

How to replace the motherboard+attached charger socket: Microsoft Zune 30 GB Logic Board Replacement

Hope this helps!

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I have seen this when the battery is past its life expectancy. The battery swap is very easy, and the replacement batteries are plentiful (on eBay). I have done it a number of times!

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