Epson ECO TANK "inkpad" requires replacing. How to?

Epson uses an "inkpad" to clear its printer (jets?) before printing. Eventually the amount of ink deposited in this blotter-type system fills and must be replaced. Unfortunately it seems as if replacing the inkpad is very messy and difficult. Our printer is used so frequently that the inkpad needs to be replaced every six months.

Epson charges enough to make replacing the entire unit a (sadly) reasonable option. Your opinion? Are HP printers a better option since both use 4800 dpi printing? (The HP cartridges are expensive - sigh.)

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You could look for the Web and try to find a "reseter" specific for your Printer, so you can reset the ink pads counter, of course you must change the pad When they be really full of ink. You coulf find some similar material to the ink pad onto fabric places /stores.

About buy an Epson o HP printer in my experience is much, much better a HP printer, they do not bother you with plugged cartridges or injectors as well you could use very heavie paper or wrinkle paper and HP just work. If you may look for "Eco tanks" or similar It is tanks of ink outside the printer (60 ml of ink -average)and you could refill them

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