Is my MacBook diying?


Since two days ago my macbook pro start to freeze with a white, pink, black screen.

I decided to dismount but after dismount three time the screen just dont swith on. I have experience dismount my macbook pro a lot of times.

Can somebody help me ??

Thanks you so much.

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Your systems specs: MacBookPro7,1


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Yes your MacBook is dying. This is pretty common with a MCP89 issue.

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I can use the compute for a long time if i dont move but how can i solve the problem with the sceen? anything to try?


Just to clarify this model has a NVIDIA GeForce 320M.

You do have a logic board issue with the GPU just the same! Someone with micro soldering skills might be able to repair the board.


Unfortunately, We cannot get good Nvidia or AMD chips. All that we can get are chips that will die very prematurely.


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