New screws for the optical drive?

I recently replaced my optical drive in my early 2011 13" MacBook Pro, with a 2nd HDD caddy.

I've messed up and lost the screws that secure the optical drive/caddy to the actual MacBook itself.

Does anyone know where I can buy these screws?

I've googled it myself and found nothing.

Any help appreciated.



Update (09/21/2017)

Block Image

These screws in particular.

Can't find them online anywhere.

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As far as I know, no sellers stock these since they are not in high demand. Best thing to do is contact companies selling "for spares" MacBooks on eBay, asking to buy the screws from another broken unit.

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@itsoverlywarm those are Apple number 922-8662. From the description they appear to be M2 0.4mm pitch length 2.5mm A good hardware store should either have them or could get them for you. If not, places like thissell them for a small fortune.

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both good answers!

thankyou for the response.

I'll check both of your suggestions and hopefully solve my problem.

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