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Mediados de 2006 / número de modelo A1181 / carcasa negra o blanca / procesador Intel Core Duo de 1,83 o 2,0 GHz.

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Stuck trying to pass startup manager

Warning occurred the day before it shut down that the startup disk was almost full (and actually deleted some of the files to free space but probably not enough) MacBook on basic start up has the blinking folder with question mark. Upon restarting into start up manager the solid tone comes and the macintosh hd drive for the computer displays. Click on the icon and no Apple logo appears the screen stays grey/white. Is there another reset to pass this stage (is is a corrupt file?) or is it a failed computer component internally that needs to be replaced?

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Do you still have the orginal Grey CDs that came with your system or have a retail version of Mac OS-X? If not do you have a bootable external drive you can use or have a second Mac which you can connect your MacBook to using Target Disk Mode?

You do have a small issue here as you can't use the newer MacOS versions on your system natively (Snow Leopard OS-X 10.6.8 is as high as you can go). But, you can access your systems drive via Target Disk Mode with any Mac running the newer OS's as it will be acting as a external drive to your other Mac. The only caviot here is you need to have a common interface to connect the two systems ideally FireWire Vs USB.

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I am overseas and stuck without a second computer however I do have the old disks at home and should be able to link though an external harddrive as I have one at home should this be all I need to do in order to recover?

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It's a start :-}

You'll need to boot up under the external drive, copy off your important stuff (or do a full backup), then run Disk Utility to check the health of your drive. Depending on what you find you might need a new drive.

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Thank you so much I appreciate the help! I won't be able to do much till I'm home but I feel as though this should likely work as I beileve it all started from the failed and full startup disk but had no way to check as i couldn't get past the startup manager into the harddrive and have unfortunately nothing with me to try to externally boot... it's it worth doing a pram reset?

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