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My SONY 40" LED TV has no picture but has sound?

Hello. Please help me with this.

My SONY LED TV has no picture but it has sound. There's no SONY logo during startup but there's an obvious very dim light. I have tried powercycle but no go. I've tried using flashlight to check for any picture on the screen but seems like I cannot see any. I did not open the back yet to check for the ribbons and pins.

What could possibly be the problem and the fix?

Thanks so much.

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A pleasant day.

Here are pictures of the boards when I opened the back panel.


Model: KLV - 40R352C

I've tried reseating all the possible cables that I can see but still the issue persist.

Would you recommend using another power adapter with higher AMP rating?

Need more help.


@julzryu a higher amp power adapter will not make a difference.


Yeah the led indicator flashes red. Please let me know how to resolve the problem


This is a bad product.

I have the same problem.


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@julzryu the very first thing you need to let us know is if the LED indicator is flashing red. If so, count how many times it flashes and let us know. If the LED indicator flashes red, reset the TV by disconnecting the AC power cord from the TV for two minutes, then turn on the TV.

Then start with the basics by checking the items as follows:

No picture (screen is dark) and no sound

 Check the antenna (aerial)/cable connection.

 Connect the TV to the AC power outlet (mains socket), and press / on the TV or remote control.

No picture or no menu information from equipment connected to the video input jack appears on the screen

 Press to display the connected equipment list, then select the desired input.

 Check the connection between

If that does nt work you need to check your power board and/or your mainboard. You also want to check the T-con board. First thing there is to check the fuse. Post some images of all of your boards with your question. For that use this guide Adding images to an existing question so we can see what you see.

Update (09/11/2017)

If you do already have it apart, check a few things according to the SM

Block Image

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First thing I would do and check is the connection from the board to the LCD. Not exactly sure where that would be on this model but it should be fairly simple to trace. Try reseating the cable as well. If it still does not work you probably have a issue with 1 of three things : LCD power / Image signal and or processing from the logic board / or a bad LCD panel.

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