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Self-priming automatic electric pumps with helical gears, produced by Marco.

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Can I reduce the pump output water pressure?

I would like to reduce the output water pressure to better suit the system in my boat. Can this be done?

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@battleboss you need to regulate your pressure after the pump. Pressure is resistance to flow, whereas the pump just provides the volume. You would have to add a pressure tank and pressure switch to your system. That would allow you to regulate the pressure up or down, depending on your needs. Since we do not know what specific pump you have or how the system on your boat is designed, it'll be difficult to give you the absolute right answer.

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If you have an electronic pump (a model that ends with the -E suffix) the pressure is regulated automatically to a preset value, you cannot edit this value, unfortunately. If you want a different pressure, you may choose another pump model!

If you have a standard pump you have to regulate the speed by yourself, using external hardware.

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