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How can I recover data from undetected hard drive?


Can anyone eloaborate what are the cases a hard drive not recognized by the sysytem and is there any way how to recover data from undetected hard drive?

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If you can't see it you can't recover it. If you tell us what it is and where, what operating system, how it is formatted we might be able to make some suggestions for recovery

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Hello There,

A hard drive not recognized due to either physical and logical damage.

  • Any damage in the head, platters, firmware etc.
  • Power surge
  • Was not safely removed can be one of the cause
  • USB Port is not ok etc.

In the logical case, data can be recovered from software. But, if the hard drive is not recognized that means you have compromised data.

But you can check once with data recovery experts.

Note - Check that your hard disk is visible in Disk Management or not?

Hope it will help you!!

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I have a similar problem, I have windows 7, when I start my laptop after some time it brings me to the screen where there is an option to select system repair or start windows normally. This happens everytime. When I click system repair, it keeps on loading the repair then freezes, if I click start windows normally, it goes to the windows loading screen and freezes. And I can't detect that hard drive from another operating system on the same laptop but different hard drive

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Sadly, your drive has deeper problems. Time to replace it. If you have stuff on the drive which you must get off You'll need to send your drive in to a recovery service to see if the data is recoverable.

- de

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