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Why " operating system not found" and cant access BIOS Set up?


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Could you possibly take some pictures?

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Try this:

Turn off the computer by holding down the power for 30-40 seconds to force off.

While holding down "F2", turn on the computer. (Do not rapidly press, just old it down).

It should go into the BIOS.

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I think what is being said is the BIOS is corrupted.

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@pccheese the Acer A5 series has a very strange glitch of the appearance of a corrupt bios if the hard drive gets messed up somehow. It uses UEFI values stored on a partition in the hard drive.

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Hmm. Good to know. Strange they would do that.

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@pccheese it's a UEFI thing. Offload the BIOS on a hard drive, but have a barebones hardware BIOS as a last resort. However, unfortunately, due to a bug, if the hard drive's UEFI BIOS partition is corrupted it will not look for the motherboard one. This was fixed in a later BIOS update, but this isn't something most people do.

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