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User-centric 15" Asus F553M notebook laptop. Released in 2015.

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dvd driver how to open

how to open the driver compartment

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i have also the same problem, i dont know how to open the optical drive. There is no button and eject in My computer.

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ASUSTek Computor…wondows 10…GL753VE Signature Edition…LAPTOP-OPSRNL9L…when I click on device it says put DVD, but they're one in there

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Hi @ sarah.K.Kahue,

Can you hear if the disc 'spins up" after you have inserted it as if the laptop is searching for the disc?

Have you tried another disc to see if that works?

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Hi @ gleanna33,

If you have Win 10 installed try the following.

Click on the Windows Start button (left side of Taskbar) and then type My Computer in the Search box, click on the This PC app option that appears. Then right click on the DVD drive icon that appears in the Devices and Drives section and click on Eject option and see the the DVD tray comes out.

If the drive tray does not come out, on some DVD drives there is a small paperclip sized hole in the front of the drive. If you press an opened paperclip gently into the hole far enough you feel it click and the tray will manually pop out far enough for you to grab it and gently pull it out to its’ maximum travel.

If it does open this way there may be a bent DVD disc stuck inside preventing it from opening electrically or the DVD is faulty.

If there was a disc inside, after removing the disc, try closing the DVD drive by either pushing the button on the front of the drive or gently pushing the tray until it closes itself and then try opening it again using the Eject option just to prove that it is working OK.

If there is no DVD stuck inside then the DVD drive will have to be removed from the computer and inspected as to the cause of the problem.

What is the make and model number of your computer?

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how about ASUS X441U , there are no button and hole at the optical disk... we dont open that yet since we bought that

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Hi @mantesian6,

Is the DVD drive appearing in BIOS or in My Computer in the PC?

If the DVD drive tray won't open by using the method above starting with "Click on the Windows Start button ........" AND the laptop is no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty you will have to open the laptop and remove the DVD drive and check what is wrong with it.

Be careful when working inside a laptop because there is still power connected to the motherboard even though the laptop is off. The power button is not a battery isolating button and you don't want to slip when using tools. Disconnect the battery (you don't have to remove it, just disconnect it) from the motherboard as soon as you can to prevent any electrical problems occurring when using tools inside a laptop. Physically damaging components is another problem so be careful.

Here's a video that shows how to dis-assemble your laptop. At 2:50 minutes into the video the DVD drive is being removed.

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I don't see a "devices and drives" section or a dvd drive option :( I know i have windows 10....

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Right click on the Windows Start icon (left side of Taskbar) and click on Disk Management and check if the drive is shown there.

if you only have the one HDD, the dvd drive should be the D: drive

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@brenton61 ,Brenton, I assume you are talking about the DVD door. If not disregard the answer. Press the button on the DVD drive or go into My Computer and right click the DVD drive, select eject. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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There is no "my computer", no "DVD drive. There is a door, just no way to open it.

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Hi @Teek Spectrum,

More information is required to help you.

What is the make and model number of the device where the DVD drive is located?

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I found the eject button by doing how it was recommended but it is grey and it wont allow me to click it.

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Asus X441U has no CD drive, and no button to open the CD tray. How can i open the cd tray?

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I have same problem if anyone has solution than please let me know on my Wp. No. - 80170598574 Thank you

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