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Black Screen after Failed BIOS upgrade

No BIOS after failed upgrade:

You might have a solution to a failed BIOS upgrade on a HP Elitebook.

Old BIOS was backed up but when flashing started, the laptop suddenly went dead even before it finishes the task. (I suspect a CPU overheat that automatically triggered the swift shutdown)

Is there a procedure for putting BIOS back into the motherboard somehow?



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No data output to external video ports.

This could mean that the BIOS really got damaged bad.

All that is left is a blinking num lock LED on the top panel (which could mean something by HP hardware design, e.g. going to non-volatile storage (if there is one) to try and bring BIOS back). I left it just to let the laptop do its own recovery, but it seems like either it did not work, or there was really nothing going on.

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Ok i have the same issue over here. Does anyone know what could help? I have the bios on my usb stick but how can i get back? There is no bootscreen so i was wondering if anyone could give me an idea how to do this?

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Have you done this yet with USB thumb drive with recovery BIOS?

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Try a power reset.

Remove the battery and then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to drain any residual power from the laptop, plug in the charger (leave the battery out at this stage) and try to start the laptop.

If it starts allow it to boot to the Windows desktop, wait until the HDD activity settles then shutdown in the normal manner, switch off the charger, replace the battery, switch on the charger and try to start the laptop.

If the power reset doesn't work try removing /replacing the laptop's RTC battery to see if this restores the BIOS to a default condition. (Just disconnect the battery's cable connector from the motherboard there is no need to actually remove the battery itself)

Here is a link to the service manual for your laptop. Scroll to Sect 4-39 to view the necessary pre-requisites and then the procedure to remove the RTC battery

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Thank you for the procedure given.

Draining the CMOS power charge via removal of the CMOS battery seemed to have altered the way it reacted, but still a no boot at this point.

Would there be a procedure to re install the BIOS from a system status such as what I have right now (Emergency BIOS Recovery)?

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Hi @repalaci

Can you check if there is a BIOS 'reset' or 'restore' jumper on the motherboard?

I cannot find it in the service manual but on some HP desktop motherboards there is a jumper that you either move to another set of pins or remove which resets the BIOS from a copy that is stored in the BIOS eeprom. Usually it is a 3 header pin arrangement with a jumper. Just a thought.

Have also read that if you hold Win key + B key and then power on it may give option to restore BIOS, no guarantees though.

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Thanks Jayeff, this would be a laptop, would need specific M/Board layout to find the port to short out. Will have to try you key combo though.

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Hi @repalaci ,

I know that it is a laptop, I was just mentioning that there sometimes is the BIOS reset jumper option on HP motherboards and was hoping that perhaps it would also be in their laptop models as well. If it is there it would be printed on the M/B next to the header pins and usually the jumper is already there as well but either connected to two other pins or to only one pin.

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Thanks Jayeff, Will grab a magnifier and look for those terminals. Hope they have it as it will be easier for a restore.

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First things first, do you have an extra monitor to plug the latop into, if so plug it in via VGA or HDMI. When booting up does the laptop, screen display? If so, use the oppurtinity to upgrade your drivers. You may also have to factory reset it, if the problem persists, hopefully you backed up your date. Keep me posted.

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Hi Aaron, no luck on getting the screen up, looks like a BIOS issue (or no BIOS at all in the system), the HDD is still intact (data can be R/W off from it)

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Have you tried this fail safe recovery video?

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remove battery and hard disk first with clean ram into addition ram insert

step 2 : first power on the laptop to see display on or not (check)

if On laptop

will applied (step 3 method)

step3: power cable insert first Next Insert the USB flash drive with the BIOS file into an available USB port on the notebook. Press and hold the Windows key and the B key at the same time, and then press and hold the Power button for 2 to 3 seconds. note: On some notebook models, it might be necessary to press and hold the Windows key and the V key.

any doubt watch this vidoes :

then will not on laptop

step 4: buy sp bios flash toolskit and learn applied bios flash

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