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El Sega CD I, A.K.A. El Mega CD I (en Japón) fue la unidad original Sega CD lanzada en 1991.

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Is this a modchip?


I took my Sega CD apart to find out how it worked and how it was designed inside to find this wierd chip

What is it

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can you give us the markings on the chip as well as the board. Might help to identify....

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I think it got resolved. Just double check your chips with the ones listed in my answer. They should match, sorry its not a mod chip but still pretty cool console:)

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Those are great machines to restore and do have somewhat of a cult following. Just look at the Atari's and all the Pacman games that are now "so retro" Hang on to it and see if you can restore it. Good luck

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If the inscription on the board is BE2200F01003 than that was a board revision by Sega. The two chips are the 7404 is a hex inverter, and the 7474 is a dual flipflop. The little PCB is a fix for an error they didn't catch before going into production Still trying to get more info on that revision if you need it. Good Luck with your Sega CD..Here is more info on the console.

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I know this was answered 5 years ago, but the Sega CD 1 unit has no need for a mod chip. If you burn a copy of a Sega CD game on to a blank disc, it will work without a hick-up! The technology was so new and CD burners at the time did not exist that there was no need to implement any copyright protection mechanism on the disc or the console. It's a great way to insure that you preserve your games to last another 25 years. Alright, now let's go and play some "Night Trap"!

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