scart lead connector failure!


the scart lead connector in the back of the tv seems to be malfunctioning.

the wifi box cant connect and now stuck with freeview.

can the connector be replaced in the rear of the tv or is the tv now redundant?

any advice would be great thanks in advance


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@andygardiner68 attach some images of your Scart with your question. Use this guide Adding images to a new question to do so. The port should be part of your mainboard

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Hi @andygardiner68 ,

Bit confused here.

The user guide for your model LG 32CS560 (is this correct?) shows 2 x HDMI and 1 x shared Component Video / Composite Video connection options, there is no mention of a SCART connection.

What connections are in use on the TV and what are the connection options available on the WiFi box (what is the make and model number of the box)?

Are you using a SCART to component cable by any chance?

(SCART connector to WiFi box, component cable plugs to TV)

If so have you got another TV with Component input to check whether the problem is with the TV or the WiFi box (or even the cable)?

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