Independant survey of EU repair shops

So who here knows any good reputable board level repair shops in Europe? Also, I'm guessing that even though UK is an island as well as Scotland would a mail in service be any different than in the continental United States?

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I also have been searching for a reliable board level repair company in the EU. The shipping time and duty cost makes the USA a not so viable solution for us repair shops.

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Hey @arbaman Do you do this or know of someone who does?

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@mayer Not sure I understand your question @mayer . If you refer to the gentlemen who commented iMedic question, no, don't know him.

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@arbaman I think @mayer may be referring to "good reputable board level repair shops in Europe"

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@oldturkey03 UK has some very fine labs in iPhone repairs but I have no personal knowledge of the guys there. One fine Tech has a terrific insight on circuitry details and as far as I know is working on a book for advanced troubleshooting. Knowing the "plz bro" approach of most wannabe techs around the globe he might not sell that much, but I will certainly be a customer for it and I regard the author as one of the most knowledgeable Pros in the planet. If need be I will happily provide his web address.

There are probably many more or less reliable Pros in EU, but I'm an old man stranded on an island with hundreds miles sea water in every direction around, not the best viewpoint to know what happens in the continent ;)

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