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Camera not working after screen assembly replacement?

I've got a A1502 that I just replaced the screen on (replaced the entire assembly) and now the camera is not working. I'm almost 100% certain that I didn't put any strain on the cable. It flashes green when I try to use it in FaceTime or photo booth. FaceTime just stays black and photo booth has a constant loading circle.

The camera was not tested prior to service due to the LCD going completely out.

Any ideas? Is it possible that it's the logic board or is it mostly likely a defected assembly or other issue? The seller is willing to exchange it for another but I want to make sure I'm not wasting my time! If any other info (pics, etc) is needed please let me know!

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Will 100% be a faulty assembly, unless you plugged the camera cable in with the battery connected (in which case you probably blew out a ferrite bead on the logic board). I have had an assembly before with the same issue.

Bare in mind, pretty much all of the assemblies sold on eBay and Amazon are stock with minor defects. The suppliers selling these buy them from China as grade A, but they are essentially assemblies Apple couldn't use during manufacture of the MacBooks (minor marks on screen/aluminium, small dead pixels, camera not working, etc).

There are some new 100% original assemblies, same stock as Apple service centres themselves use (sealed grey bag with black stripes, "gamma tested" stickers on screen film), but you will have to find a supplier of these yourself, since 3rd party repairers shouldn't have access to these parts. They are out there though, and you will have no problems with these at all.

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Reece, thank you for the response!! Definitely by far the most helpful one yet. It did not come in a sealed gray bag or with a sticker saying tested so I would say that you're probably right. I did unplug the battery when doing the initial install, but now that you say that I'm afraid that I might have reseated it with the battery connected (AFTER I had the initial problem and was troubleshooting - stupid me!!). Is a blown ferrite bead something that the eye can see or something that I will only be able to determine from swapping the assembly? I would think that the ferrite is okay considering that it's blinking green and getting power, wouldn't you?


The voltages the camera deals with are only on when the MacBook is in a sleep state, or switched on. None of the "off state" voltages go to the camera connector, so it should be resolved by swapping the assembly.


Great to hear! Thank you!! I will test before I mark this question complete but I have the feeling you just fixed it. ;) THANKS AGAIN!


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The iSight Camera apparently has an individual ribbon cable conncecting it to the motherboard. I know this is stupid: Is the cable for the camera in correctly? If you are willing to, go to step 10 of this guide and that will show you how to reseat the cable. If that does not fix it, it may be another hardware issue, or even a software issue. Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the suggestion! It is definitely installed correctly. It does have the green light coming on for it indicating that it's getting power, and I'm able to see it under utilities although it only has a line or two of info (can post if need be).. Just tried safe mode and it says there is no camera attached when in safe mode. Not sure if that helps. iOS 10.9.5


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