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Replaced LCD now looks terrible through lcd

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I think it's the reflective pages behind the LCD. Can these be placed in backwards and look like crap?

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Where did you get the LCD? I would suggest trying to replace anything but the whole Display as a unit. What all have you tried to do to resolve this so far?

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I got it off ebay from a reputable seller. I can lift the LCD up and see that it is fine. Its the reflective material behind the LCD that is slightly scratched. Everything else works perfect.

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It depends on what you mean by scratched. Reflecting sheets behind the lcd have engraved oblique patterns by design..

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Ok I lifted the LCD up and then the reflective sheets one by my one. It's the surface that is damaged not the sheets. It was dropped and that's why I'm replacing the LCD.

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Firstly, I really hope this isn't for one of your customers. If it is, stop what you are doing and buy them a new assembly! You have likely got a lot of scratches/dirt in between all the sheets if you have lifted them off one by one. Practice on used assemblies before attempting this for real!

If it is a practice assembly/personal device, you may get away with removing the top backlight sheet. I am sure I tested one like this before out of curiosity, when I was transferring sheets from one assembly to another, since the customer took it to a shop previously who pretty much destroyed the sheets. I think it looks a little bit washed out if you do this though, can't remember exactly.

So for solutions; replace the whole assembly if it's a customer's, if it is a personal/practice assembly, swap the sheets from another assembly or try without the top sheet (unless the others are damaged). If the very back layer is damaged, you will have to swap the assembly, no solution there.

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I lifted the sheets up to me by one and the damage is beneath the sheets. Yes it is for a costumer but he knew I had never done a screen repair on a MacBook.

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If the damage is where the screen or lid was impacted, this impact very likely damaged the sheets slightly. Sometimes you can notice backlight marks before removing the screen, sometimes not. You occasionally get a random backlight spot if the screen has been impacted in the past, even though the screen was not damaged in that area.

If it is a scratch or you believe you damaged it while removing the screen, take responsibility and buy the customer a new lid assembly. I had to do the same thing when first replacing a Retina 12" LCD, I broke the bottom glass and none were available at the time since it was a new device :(

The fact that you haven't done one before is not an excuse, did you tell the customer they are very likely to have marks visible through the new screen after paying £200+ for the repair? Because I am sure if I were the customer, I would not be expecting this and would not be happy. Do the right thing and buy them a new assembly, you are giving repairers a bad name otherwise.

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Don't mean to be harsh, just saying it how it is. You won't believe the number of times I have received one of these for a screen replacement, where the customer previously took it to a shop and either;

1. Did the repair and completely scratched the backlight, left a tonne of dust on it and fingermarks. Telling the customer "it is a consequence of doing the repair".

2. Attempt the repair and leave it half finish, not before destroying the backlight sheets though.

Just makes me sick places like this get away with lying to their customers to avoid consequence of working on their device.

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I could have easily put it back together and not said anything. But I don't do work like that. I nicked the camera cable and replaced it on my dime. The damage is underneath all the sheets. I will try and post a pic

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Pic added tommy original post. Hey I don't think your being harsh. And you are helping too so it's all good.

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