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Número de pedido de Apple MC007LL / A / 27" Pantalla de 2560x1440 píxeles

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Loose monitor. Floppy screen.

My monitor is loose from the stand,allowing it to flop forward and downward.

How do I repair this annoying problem.


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Gary D MacDonald , The hinge mechanism may be damaged as there has been a few reported in forums 1st link below, which would require a major tear down to address.

Note the two red arrows. These point to the inner mounting points of the tension springs. The one on the left has broken lose, the one on the right is good. The inner ends of the springs are held in place by plastic washers and one failed. If still under warranty, use your warranty for repair/replacement. If not under warranty check out the other links to see how to fix the hinge on your Mac. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Tighten the screws up!

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There are most likely a few screws on the back to tighten up. If that doesnt fix it, the mechanics inside may be worn or broken and they need to be replaced. if thats the case, best option is to buy a new stand as getting into work on it and then finding the right parts isnt easy

Hope this helps and good luck fixing!

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