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Screen replacement of iPhone 6S Plus freezes constantly

As phone repair technician I would like any expert to help me with one problem that I am trying to figure it out.

My iPhone 6S Plus old screen was giving me problem sometimes flickering I was doing ok with that. Everything was working completely fine. But one day I decided to replace my screen and I did it. So after replacing my screen now the problem that I have is very annoying. Screen freezes and I have to do hard reset every single times that happens.

I cleaned all the connector very well but still same problem freezes.

But the weird part is that if I put back my old screen the screen works fine but just flickering one and a while. Oh and by the way during night new screens don't freezes so I am confused.

Could anyone help me?

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Ok, here's the answer after working on this all day long. You're going to just have to take all the components, button, camera, earpiece etc off your old screen and replace the new components on your new screen replacement. If you're like me you really just wanted to replace a cracked screen anyway. All the other stuff probably still worked but you just thought it would be easier to replace everything at once. It's not a software problem, it's that something - I don't know what - on your new replacement screen isn't playing nice with your old phone. It sucks, I know, but save yourself a lot of time and headaches and just replace everything now. Peace out.


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So you've said you tried multiple screens?

Have you checked the screen connectors on logic board and screen closely via microscope for any damage?

I know there are quite a few aftermarket screens with bad 3D touch / not sensitive enough or touch screen, display issues.

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I tried multiple screens like I said. If I put back my old screen works fine. So is not necessary to check logic boards and connectors because everything is good.

Multiple screen replacement freezes and touchscreen is really sensitive.


Then I'm sorry to say you are probably either getting a bad batch of screens or your supply has gone cheap with the quality of the screens.


Try turning touch id off (delete all fingerprints). That solved the issue for me. I believe the aftermarket screens I used are not OEM quality. Had this happen to me on three phones (Iphone 6s Plus)


@Danny ... cant believe that actually helped...but its still new...gonna test this a few days to see if its actually the fingerprints


Yeah it's weird, I've actually had to sometimes delete all the fingerprints or even more restore the whole phone to fix touch ID not working.


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