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The second generation HTC One—dubbed the HTC One (M8)—features a dual flash and the new Sense 6 UI, and was released March 25, 2014.

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Htc M8 cannot turn on

I have some problem with my htcm m8. I did deassembly the htc m8 to change rear camera. After I've done this I cannot turn it on when I plug the charger the batery icon show and orange light blinkin all the time.

I've tried to change a new battery and new charger module but still got the same.

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i had the sane problem i got an HTC One M8 to me to repair i changed the charging port and i plugged in the micro usb cable and it started blinking slowly then i looked at the HTC Support site it said i should press the POWER BUTTON , VOLUME UP , VOLUME DOWN buttons all together for 2 minutes after i hold them for 2 minutes i realeased them it started blinking much faster then it started to charge after some seconds

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Curious if you have inspected the battery and other FPC connectors on the motherboard for any type of damage such as bent, burnt, broken or missing pins, broken latch on the FPC connectors, etc. Also check flex cables for any damage. Have you tried reseating the battery's connection on the motherboard to see if it may have a loose connection. In a lot of cases the orange blinking light can signal an issue with the battery or it's connection and if it's properly communicating with the motherboard. It can be caused from a bad battery or if the battery is not properly communicating with the motherboard due to a damaged cable, connector, bad battery, or other possible issues on the motherboard or battery's small enclosed protective circuit board that the batteries flex cable is solder to. It is also possible you received a bad replacement battery which could be why you get the same results. There are many factors to consider but an orange blinking led in the HTC one m8 usually points towards a communication issue with the battery. Hope this helps.

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Thank to reply BurnieG. What I think is tha same as you, it should be the communication issue with the battery. That's why I have tried changing a new battery. There is no way to find out the root cause?

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Incase if both old and new battery went completely empty, do you have any idea to charge them up?

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Yeah just plug in and charge.

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I have provided some useful links and information about lithium ion batteries in this post: Phone wont turn on

Depending if the batteries have sat long it may appear dead and read at zero volts on a voltage meter. It may also not respond to its normal charger when this occurs. Most lithium ion batteries have protective circuits that will put the battery in a sleep like state if it has sat for an extended period and discharged below a certain voltage. When the battery is in this state it will require what is referred to as a boost charge. Take a look at the post I have mentioned to learn more about the protective circuits and boost charging.

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Check screen cable if plugged in properly if you unplugged it.

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Thank you Ben, all cable have been plugged. I don't know what happen now. It only show the battery icon and the orange light always blinking.

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