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No Sound from any input source!

Hello, I have a Vizio XVT323SV, 32 inch. Out of no where one day, the sound stopped working. Everything else works just fine and the picture is perfect. All the built-in tv apps also work fine. There is just no sound. There is no sound when headphones are plugged in either, no matter the video source or built-in app playing. I would rather not replace the entire tv if I can replace a specific part myself. What do you suggest the cheapest way to fix this is? And if a part does need replacing, what part would that be?


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Have you verified that the tv speakers are "ON" in the audio menu? Also does the volume level bar display when you use volume up or down?


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Jennifer Ferrara first you want to try to reset your audio settings in the menu first

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If that does not work, you will have to open up your TV. Since your headphones do not work it is unlikely that it is that amplifier IC that failed since it does only affect the speakers. I would focus on connector J20 and the fuse F8 on the DC power In board.

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Check the wiring coming from the Main board to the power board and see if you have power (18V) on that.

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Let us know what you find. If you are having difficulty with any of the boards, post some images of those with your question. For that use this guide

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I have the same problem with the 55" version of this TV. I followed your advice and checked the fuse and the J20 connector. The fuse seems good and the J20 connector has 18v on pins 1 and 4. However, your answer did not say how to proceed once this information was obtained. Is there a next step?


@skyspy sound is being processed by the BCM processor and finally the audio amplifier TAS5708PHP Vizio uses a hodge podge of boards etc. So we would have to see more. If you find the datasheet for those IC's you could test to see if you get power etc. to those


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