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El Trio Stealth-10 MST 10-21, fabricado por Trio Tablets, está destinado a ser un verdadero caballo de batalla en la familia Trio Table aportando una pantalla más grande y más velocidad al usuario.

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Why is my trio stealth 10 screen display "@9 dual core"

When I turn on my trio stealth 10 my screen displays @9 Dual core. Can someone help me with this?

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Have you tried doing anything to it before you posted a question?

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No because I can't get it off @9 Dual Core

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You need to perform a factory data reset. I did this by going into recovery mode (Power button and volume down, release the power button after the logo appears, release the volume button after about 5 seconds). Choose wipe data/factory reset and then choose wipe cache (maybe optional) also. Please remember this will delete all data from the tablet, so if you don't have a backup, you will lose your data.

Choose reboot after this and it should boot up normally (takes longer than usual). This worked for me

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I have the same trouble with mine , i have tried to do the factory reset but it is now stuck on wiping data/formatting data in the rest. it wont actually reset . I have tried this multiple times ,i have wiped both the cache and media (they say wipe is complete on both) but the data wipe will not finish . is there anything that i can do ,I love this tablet and cant afford a new one . Any help would be AWESOME!! thanks

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Unfortunately, if the wipe itself is not completing, it's probably hitting a bad part of your memory or something hardware related. Just my opinion though. Can you try removing your memory card if you have one in there, before trying a wipe next time?

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I followed the directions and it went back to @9 dual core. What else can I do to get this @9 dual core off my screen?

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I had to try this option 3 or 4 times. I was about to toss the tablet, thought I would try it one more time. Wah-la - it worked!

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