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La Acer Extensa 4630z es una computadora portátil presentada por Acer en 2008. La serie Acer Extensa es una línea de computadoras portátiles Acer diseñadas para usuarios comerciales y de oficina.

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Why is my loptop suddenly off?

my loptop acer extensa4630z is having a problem every time i turn it on, it takes an hour sometimes a minute only then it suddenly off without warning.. I just wanna know if is it a power shortage or what? then how to fix it? please help me ASAP! thank you!

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When it is only takes a minute to turn off, is that from cold or if you have restarted it after it has shutdown before?

Can you hear if the fan is running and also can you feel the air coming out of the fan vents? Are the fan vents clear and unobstructed?

Does it do this with the charger connected and switched on?

What OS is installed in the laptop?

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Need more Info:

When you say "Went off without warning" do you mean the same thing happened to the PC as if you had held the power button until it shut off?

Does this happen only when on battery, or has it ever happened while plugged into external power?

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