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Procesador Core 2 Duo de 2.2, 2.4, 2.5 o 2.6 GHz

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Trackpad&Keyb issue: should I get a new logic board?

I have a 2.4GHz Penryn (A1260) whose internal trackpad & keyboard quit working several months ago after my laptop suddenly rebooted and I gave me a whiff of burnt silicon. (It didn't seem to be overheating, this was out of the blue).

Symptoms: no mention of Internal USB Keyb/Trackpad controller in System Profiler. Internal keyb & trackpad don't work, the rest of the top case (power button, bluetooth & keyb backlight) still does work.

I am 99% sure this is NOT due to liquid spillage (unless someone had spilled on my laptop unbeknownst to me, but I really don't see how/when that would have happened). Also, from disassembling the laptop several times now, I noticed no traces of liquid damage.

I Internal keyboard & trackpad quit working. Please help diagnose! and got helpful tips to pinpoint the issue.

So far, I have tried:

- changing the ribbon cable (logic board/top case) with a new one: no improvement

- reflowing the solder around the main controller chip on the top case circuit board: no improvement

- swapped the top case with a Are top cases from A1260 (Penryn) and A1211 (Merom) interchangeable? (non-multitouch) case: no change

- swapped the top case with a new Penryn (multi-touch) case: no change

So I am inclined to think the issue is on the logic board end of the connection.

Of course I skimped on getting Applecare, so I'm on my own. The logic board was replaced for free in February due to the faulty NVidia chip issue. But the warranty on that repair has long lapsed.

Are there still ANY checks I can perform before shelling out for a new logic board? E.g. checking/cleaning the ribbon cable connector? The top (visible) side of the main logic board shows no signs of overheating that I can see; perhaps I will spot something on the other side once I take the logic board out.

Also, if I do change the logic board, do I need any special supplies besides some thermal grease?

I've been using the laptop just fine since this happened, with external mouse & keyboard, but for travelling (and visiting clients) I'd still prefer not to have to fiddle with extra gear.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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If you are any where near a Apple store I would get an appointment with a genius and let them check it out. They can see the machine and should be able to tell you whats wrong. At this point you have tried all the likely fixes and I don't like to recommend throwing parts at a problem. Good luck. + for a well stated question.

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Thanks for your reply! I'm in Amsterdam so I could definitely go try an Apple store, although I'm not sure if they call their guys Geniuses here. Anyway, the reason I hadn't done that is because I assumed any further analysis of the machine would likely require opening it, and therefore charging me labor costs. Since I'm so convinced they would suggest replacing the logic board (but I would LOVE to hear otherwise, here or from Apple!) – I thought I might as well source a board and replace it myself for cheaper. But I'll still go see what Apple techs have to say. Cheers :)

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