Are top cases from A1260 (Penryn) and A1211 (Merom) interchangeable?

Hi all,

Awhile ago, my keyboard & trackpad stopped working, and I've been using my MBP with USB/Bluetooth keyb & mouse.

I've Internal keyboard & trackpad quit working. Please help diagnose! and got helpful tips in pinpointing the issue.

What I've since done was to order a used top case in the hopes that the trackpad circuitry on my top case was at fault. Unfortunately, the top case I received didn't work any better.

I still have one doubt, before ruling out the top case entirely (and therefore assuming the main logic board is what is actually causing the problem). I think the used top case I bought wasn't for A1260, but from an older generation (I believe Merom/A1211). The trackpad logic board has only one large chip (vs. several chips on my original top case) and I assume the trackpad isn't multitouch. (Don't know for sure, of course, since I couldn't get it to work).

So, here's my simple question: should a A1211 top case work with an A1260 MBP (except for not having multi-touch) or are the 2 inherently incompatible?

For the record, I have now tried a new top case/mobo flex cable (no improvement) and a different top case (mentioned above; no improvement). The bluetooth, wifi, and power button all work fine in all cases. So, if the Merom top case & trackpad should work in theory, I need to look at a main logic board replacement/fix – correct?


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