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Dishwasher does not heat the water or dry the dishes

Hi Everyone, I am trying to get some help with a KitchenAid Dishwasher, Model KUDE60FVSS2, that is having problems with heating the water and drying the dishes.

I read other posts and already have done the following:

1) Replaced Heating Element

2) Replaced High Limit Thermostat

3) Rebooted the Control Board

3) Visually Inspected Control Board (No burns, loose wires)

What continues to happen is:

1) During Normal Wash cycle/Hi-Temp Scrub/Sani-Rinse: The water stays cool (cannot tell if the heating element heats up or not)

2) Heat Dry: The heating element does heat up some - but it does not get hot like it used to.

So, any idea why the water not heat up during any of the cycles? My initial thought was the Hi Limit Thermostat, but I checked it with a Multi-Meter and it has continuity (around 17 ohms). And then I replaced it just to be sure.

Is there an actual thermostat on the dishwasher? (I could not find one in the parts list)

Is there anything else to try before looking at the Control Board?

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Hi @mcvu ,

With the power disconnected, have you proved continuity of the wires from the control board to the heater element?

Also not sure if this is what you mean by Hi Limit Thermostat, if so apologies if it is. Just to satisfy my curiosity, did the new thermostat have the same Ohm reading (when out of circuit) as the old one?

Update (04/12/2017)

Hi Michael,

By "Hi Limit Thermostat" do you mean the Bi -Metal Fuse found in the Control panel? I think that this one might be used for safety control if the temp 'exceeds' the maximum allowed rather than bring it up to the value needed. Also it burns out and has to be replaced if there is a problem and the dishwasher probably won't start as it controls power to the control board.

Just wondering whether it might be the actual Dishwasher thermostat that is causing the problem or possibly even the Turbidity Sensor.

(part #13 in the Tub and Frame Parts section, part # 19 Pump, Washarm and Motor parts,)

According to the user guide,(and I'm assuming that the dishwasher thermostat is the one that they're talking about rather than the Turbidity sensor which I think monitors the "soil" level only and not both, but who knows):

"The sensor in your dishwasher monitors the soil level. Cycle time and/or water usage can vary as the sensor adjusts the cycle for the best wash performance. If the incoming water is less than the recommended temperature or food soils are heavy, the cycle will automatically compensate by adding time, heat and water as needed." (The italics are my addition to the quote).

I'm wondering if it is indicating that the temperature is above what is required to heat the water (or at least not below it). Also perhaps the Drying cycle works OK because this is far above the expected temperature range for wash and rinse or this sensor is not used during the Drying cycle..

Are the cycles actually shorter in duration because it is not having to heat the water?

As an example, I have shortened the cycle time duration (and cut the power usage of my dishwasher, not the same brand as yours) by connecting the hot water from my solar HW system to the dishwasher's cold water inlet connection (it is the only connection available, via a tempering valve, dishwasher water inlet temp. not to exceed 60 deg. C). Wash and rinse water heating time (and power used for the heater) is minimized because the water is usually near or over the required temp, usually set on mine for a 45-60 deg. C wash.

just a thought.

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Sorry for the long delay (life happened and I just got back to working on the dishwasher).

Yes, I have tested the continuity from the control board to the heating element.

The Ohms of the new thermostat were within one Ohm of the old one. I replaced it just on the chance it was causing the issue.

I did some more testing, and it turns out that the heating element is heating (to around 400 degrees F), but ONLY during the drying cycle.

If I put the dishwasher into either Sani Rinse or Hi-Temp Scrub, which should raise the temp of the water to 155 degrees (for Sani Rinse) - the water remains at the same room temp as the start of the cycles.

So the heating element is NOT working for the washing cycle, or rinse cycle, but is working for the Drying Cycle.

Let me know if you (or anyone) has any ideas of where to go from here.





Yes, I replaced part #13 in the Tub and Frame Parts section. I have not looked at the Turbidity Sensor. I will check it out and see if there is a problem there.

The cycles are NOT shorter than they used to be.

Thanks for the information and let me know if you have any other thoughts.


Well, people, I just replaced the heating element AND the. High temp thermostat ($75 for both), and it made no difference. I have a Kitchen Aid. Looks like I've joined your club. John in SC


Wanted to add a note here. I just went through this whole thing. Heater not working but tested fine on the MulitMeter, thermostat testing fine also. I replaced the element anyways. Nearly bought a new board and diverter motor (see other posts below) but decided against it. Ran test mode and I got an error code of 3-2 which is a short in the Theristor/OWI.

Since it said "short" and I am not skilled enough to mess with electrical, I gave up and called a tech. He called KitchenAid and had the whole conversation on speaker so I got the lowdown.

If you get a code 3-2 (oldest code) that means that the Thermistor cannot sense the water temp, so it goes into panic mode and shuts down all the heating, including the dry cycle. So you have to put in a new Thermistor/OWI. The kicker is you then have to run a complete diagnostic cycle in order to reset the heating element and the control board.

$26 part and $135 in labor...could have done it myself but wasn't sure about the wiring, so left it to the pros.


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Did you ever get this fixed? I seem to be having the same problem (not heating during wash, but seems to be drying ok). Any suggestions?

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I am interested in the solution as well, since I am having the same issue. Replaced heating element and the thermostat, and the drying cycle does not work nor does the water heat during a wash cycle.


same problem on 3rd warranty repair call for it. anyone figure out what is really going on?


Hi everyone. I did fix it by replacing the Diverter. Replacing the Heating Element did not work, replacing the thermostat did not work. But once I replaced the Diverter, the water started heating to the right temp, and the drying cycle then performed perfectly - dishes were nice and dry and very hot to the touch. Hope this helps.


Hi Michael,

I'm trying to find the Diverter in the repair parts. Can you give me an idea of where it is located?


Hi Scott,

Sorry this is late, but the part I bought is:

Part #: W10208691

It was easy to install and made the dishwasher work like a champ again.




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