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La Kenmore 110 Series es una lavadora para el hogar de fácil uso creada por Kenmore.

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How old is my machaine

My house came with this machine but I need to sell it and people want to know how old it is, is there any way to tell from the model and ser numbers.

MOD 110. 25132411 SER C61542901

Thank you so much for your help


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my serial # is 808KWWZ00185 model # is 79648852800

anybody know how old this machine is. kenmore

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What's the stock number , like if its 618-01 then it was made on June 18th 2001. There should be another set of numbers near model and serial numbers

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My Kenmore model 110 has a serial number if CR4242155. Based on other response I can't figure mine out. I bought it used in March 2020. Thx.

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@ofrdrsq881 what is the complete model number? Double check your serial number as well. Kenmore really did not make your washer but it was either made by Whirlpool or by Frigidaire. Both companies use a different numbering system. If your washers model number starts with a 110 then it is a Whirlpool made if it starts with 417 its a Frigidaire

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My Kenmore washer has the serial number c110 526 0080. Does anyone know how old this is?

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Repair Clinic offers this service.

Go here and enter what information you have:

The site shows me the following on your machine:

According to the serial number this product may have been manufactured in Clyde, OH, April of 1976 or 1986 or 2016.

Based on the model number supplied, this product design may have been introduced to the marketplace for 2014 in which case the closest date indicated by the serial number may be the actual manufacturing date for this product.

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Hi @Edie Nelson ,

I don’t know how accurate this will be but according to this parts supplier the part number for the owner manual for the washer is MFL67737652.

If you click on the image of the manual in the link you will see that it is dated 01/05/2015.

Either it is the 5th January 2015 or the 1st May 2015, depending on the location where the date was written, so it may be around that time. (the link to the manual is from Kuwait which uses the UK date system of day first, followed by month but it may have come from the USA to Kuwait, if you get my meaning)

The washer is a rebadged LG washer (or perhaps a made for Kenmore by LG, washer) as all of the parts are LG parts.

Hopefully this is of some help

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Based on the serial number provided, this KENMORE product was manufactured April 2016.

Supporting Model Data

Washer - White - 4.3 cu. ft. Top Load Washer w/Triple Action Impeller

$503 average listed price.

This KENMORE was manufactured by WHIRLPOOL

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it is not a washer. The serial# I provided is in my kitchen. It is a refrigerator.

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Hi @mikebolaski,

What is the model number and the serial number of the refrigerator as your answer above is the only post that you have made on ifixit. i.e. no serial number posted by you anywhere here.


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