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Esta PC es un portátil Dell Inspiron serie 3000 con un procesador AMD y una pantalla no táctil. Su número de modelo es 3541.

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My laptop have a serious problem

hello sir/madam.

i have a dell inspiron 15-3541 wiht an AMD a6-6310 proccessor and touch schreen with amd radeon r4 graphics. and windows 10

usually when i press the power button, my laptop starts working but thier is no display in screen. although the screen lights is on. and i have to press the power button contineously to make laptop sleep and unsleep. until the display come. and when display comes. i am in the welcome screen page.

please guid me how to solve this roblem. i have confused.

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Hi, Try connecting an external monitor to see what it displays on startup.

Try turning off sleep and hibernation in Power options in Control panel.

This is to initially see if one of them is the cause of your problem

- de

i have connected the external monitor. in ecternal monitor everythung is normal

but the problem is in laptop screen

- de

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Remove the battery. Then press the power button for a minute. Then pop the battery back in. Hope this helps.

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