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El mando (controlador) inalámbrico Xbox One 1697 se lanzó en 2015 y reemplazó al controlador 1537 y soluciona algunos de los problemas encontrados en los controladores modelo 1537. El controlador modelo 1697 incluye un conector para auriculares integrado de 3,5 mm, que permite la compatibilidad con la mayoría de los auriculares de terceros sin adaptador. Este controlador ha sido descontinuado y reemplazado por el controlador Modelo 1708.

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Is there a fix for directional "wandering" on Xbox one controllers?

On all three of my XB1 controllers the arrow, reticle, or avatar will move or wander on its own even when not touching thumbsticks: IS THERE A FIX FOR THIS?? or is this how MS gets an extra $70 out of each Xbox owner every few months? ANYONE??

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its fairly easy to fix you need to replace the entire stick mechanism inside the controller itself. I just did this job myself, follow the guide for tear down and simply de-solder all 14 points push out from the bottom insert the new mechanism and resolder the devices pins back to the board.

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You don’t have to take all the points off just find out which one is bad and just take the three points off and then replace that part the green part snap on and off really easy

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is there not a hard reset like the good old controllers???

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How do you plan to "reset" a hardware issue?

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If your Xbox One Wireless Controller has a malfunctioning thumbstick and you cannot properly navigate around your Xbox One, see the Xbox One Wireless Controller Has Malfunctioning Thumbsticks problem page for possible problems and solutions.

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they always seem to start that wander around 4-mos or so "surprise" warranty is 3mos ,btw have you heard of "levity"or do you owe MS something?b'cuz I sure don't,but thanx for nothing tom

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Interesting. Xbox One controllers are warranted for 1 year here. If you do want to fix it you have to replace the joystick module, which should be available on Alibaba or somewhere. Disassembly and soldering required.

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Well...u can take the controller apart, super clean the analong bases...rubbing alchohol works....clean teh crap out of it...fixed mine.....

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yes you can fix it but you have to be willing to strip down the controller, on a part of the joystick there is a place for a little flat head screwdriver, you have to turn it slightly for it to change the vertical or horizontal scrolling.

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Yes. It's just a cleaning issue.

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