temp gauge started working sometimes then not at all.

I have a '02 A4 B6 which also the temp gauge started working sometimes then not at all. Replaced both Thermostat and the Coolant temp sensor but still the gauge doesn't move at all. Would appreciate any help.

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Not certain re your car but on a lot of cars the coolant temp sensor is connected to the ECM, (Engine Control Module). It sends the signals to control the gauge.

Does your temp gauge respond when you turn on the ignition at all? On some cars all the instrument lights and gauges respond when the ignition is switched to the on position. This allows you to see if they are all working. If yours does the same and it works when you do this then as you have replaced the sensor the problem is most likely in the wiring between the sensor and the ECM. It most probably is a loose termination if it is intermittent.

Again not certain, but does your radiator fan come on OK. The ECM uses a temp sensor to switch it on. Not certain if this is the same one or not though. If it doesn't this sort of proves the problem between the sensor and the ECM , hopefully it is not in the ECM

Just a thought.

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