Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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Why does darker colors on my Ipad air 2 look liquidy? (Screen burn in)

So the darker colors on my ipad air 2 look weird. They look a bit out of order. I know because I googled "black" and There are some weird pixels and designs on dark colors. I think the lcd is broken but do I need to go to a store and pay hundreds of dollars to fix it? And there are some Things that burn in on the screen. Sometimes it fixes itself after a few hours, sometimes it just stays like this. I tried smacking it like many people were told to but it doesn't work. Any solutions?

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Unfortunately for you, there is no "cheap" way to fix an iPad Air 2. The LCD and digitizer are fused together so you have buy the complete assembly. You also need to solder the sensor that detects smart screen covers which requires a delicate touch and just enough heat (i.e. no bad-ass soldering irons please).

So yeah, you will probably have to pay someone to do this or pay a supplier to get the part and do it yourself (you don't absolutely need that soldered-on sensor).

Check out this guide to see if you are comfortable doing it yourself.

This is the partyou need to buy.

Imagen iPad Air 2 LCD Screen and Digitizer


iPad Air 2 LCD Screen and Digitizer


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