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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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How do I retrieve messages?

Can't remember how to retrieve messages...

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My Uniden Dect 6.0 will not record incoming messages.

When I attempt to leave a message I hear the command “please leave a message” , which I do, however, when I try to retrieve it a voice says there are no new messages.

This has been happening for over two weeks.

I feel that people are leaving messages but they are not being recorded.

How can I correct this?


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Hi @jocklyon18 ,

What is the model number of your Uniden Dect 6.0.

A Uniden Dect 6.0 1760-2 does not have an answer machine or are you asking about voicemail?

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the model number is dect 1635

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Was this resolution ever resolved? My dad’s phone is doing the exact thing. People leaving messages, BUT he can’t retrieve the message

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Hi @fisher1965,

What is the model number of the phone?

If the messages are on Voicemail can the Voicemail box be accessed as per the phone service provider's instructions, e.g. to change user defined settings etc?

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Pick up the phone and press the message/mute button on the phone. (Click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Block Image


If your Voicemail (messages) service code has been programmed into the phone it will connect you to your voicemail service to retrieve the message(s).

If the phone has not been programmed with the code by you, go to your phone service provider's website and search for 'How to access voicemail' or something similar. This should give you the code that you have to dial to access your Voicemail service.

To programme the code into your phone if it is not there already:

1. Press the Message/Mute button.

2. You will be prompted to enter your phone provider's Voicemail access code number.

3. When you have finished entering the code number press the Menu/Select button to set the number.

4. The screen will display DONE.

From now on you will only have to press the messages/mute button to access your Voicemail (messages) service

Update (12/11/2016)


Try the following:

With the phone in standby, press the Menu button then select Global Setup , then VMWI Reset then select Yes

Hopefully this will delete the envelope icon and extinguish the red light.

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My envelope icon is still on & red light still flashing...yet I 'm told I have no new messages. Any other ideas that may help?

- de

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Hi @jocklyon18 ,

Using the handset, check in Menu > Answering Setup > Record Time that it is NOT set to Announce only as this will not let callers leave a message. Select either 1 or 4 minutes depending on the amount of recording time you want to give the caller.

Are there still any “old” messages left in the answering machine? This may give you some idea of when the problem started.

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Thank you this was very helpful I was able to fix my phone. No thanks to uniden

- de

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Hi @diedre52 ,

The light flashing is for Voicemail messages (if you have this facility setup with your phone service provider)and not for the phone’s Answer machine messages. If there are new messages on the phone’s Answer machine, the phone will beep every 15 seconds (if the message alert setting has been enabled)

The following is if your landline service is with Telstra Aust. If it is not then contact your phone service provider and ask if their Voicemail facility has been activated on your phone service.

If your phone service is with Telstra Aust. and has been transferred to the NBN then the Voicemail facility (Home Messages 101) has been automatically activated.

If you wish to use Voicemail to answer the calls (after a suitable ring time) and store messages, dial 101 from the phone and follow the prompts to set it up to suit you.

If you still want the calls to be answered and any messages to be stored on the phone’s answer machine you need to set it up to answer the call before the Voicemail service answers the call.

if you don’t wish to have a Voicemail service and only use the phone’s Answer machine to answer and store messages, then dial 101 > Press 3 for ‘Mailbox Set-up’ > then Press # or contact them and get them to cancel it.

If there are no new messages in the Voicemail box, to clear the red light go to Menu > Global Setup > VMWI Reset > Yes.

To setup the phone’s Answering Machine to suit here’s a link to the user guide, scroll to p.20 to see the settings for the ring time (number of rings before answering - each ring cycle is about 3 seconds) and the record time (length of caller message).

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How do I find the yes button

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