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Audio/Video receiver, originally manufactured by Pioneer in 1998. Features include 100Wx5 amplifier, 6 channel input, Dolby Digital, DTS & DSP, S-Video switching, 4 digital inputs, 1 digital output.

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Buzzing output pair after 20 seconds of playback

Hi all, I have 5 speakers hooked up to this amplifier. I have problems with surround LR pair.

The problem only occurs after 5 minutes, buzzing starts to occur on loud parts of the song (for example accented notes, snare drum). Then two more minutes later it develops into a constant buzz. There is still sounds playing underneath.

After resting the unit for 1 hour it resets back to normal. Then the problem recurs 5 minutes later.

Other channels are working without a hitch and I am certain it's a problem with this part of the amplifier. Which part should I be investigating? I also have access to the service manual so can find and order new parts.

Many thanks in advance.

Update (12/06/2016)

Thanks for the hint, I just opened the unit today and it seems like the FET is on the underside of the pcb, so I will have to continue that tomorrow.

In the mean time I had another look at the schematics. Is the circled the FET in question? If so how do I know if it's getting too hot? And if it's a small thing enough to be under the Pcb?

Thanks again oldturkey I really appreciate your answers!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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yfyfyf sounds like something getting hot and fails. Since it is both surround channels it would eliminate the amp IC's for those channels. Since you do have the service manual, I suggest that you take it apart and take a closer look D amp assembly. Check the FET's and see if they show any signs of overheating. Post images with your question so we can see what you see. Use this guide for that.

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