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How to stop ticking sound of spark after burner lights?

The ticking sound of spark igniter persists after my GE Built-In Gas Cooktop's burner lights. The cause cannot be that the control knob is in the LITE position because it is not.

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I have the same problem. Cleaned it and unplugged the electric for few days but did not work.

My stove model is Whirpool GLT3657RB01

Please help.

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My brand new Blue Star 30 lights just fine, but keeps clicking and sparking, even though burner is lit.

And I do mean brand new. Have not even cooked on it yet,

Any ideas?

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Hey liz - I’m having the same issue. What did u do to fix it ?

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My Whirlpool Gold cooktop, kept clicking after lit, and even kept clicking after I turned it off. I had to turn the breaker off to the cooktop before it stopped clicking. There was fire coming out of the turn switches, and I had to turn on the vent fan to clear what smelled like electrical smoke. Would replacement of the spark module more than likely correct this problem or do I have something bigger on my hands?

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It's a defective Igniter Spark Module. Please give the model number so I can locate your correct parts. This is a easy repair on most models. The sparker is sparking, the most likely cause is a defective capacitor in the spark modual. Spark moduals are not repairable and must be replaced.

Another possibility is moisture during the cleaning process found it's way onto one or more of the switches. Excessively wet sponges or cleaning cloths allow water to get onto the switches, which will cause this problem, if applicable.

If this happens to be the case, then remove everything on the stove top and lift the lid, if applicable, since not all stoves have liftable top lids. Remove any clear plastic covers on the valve stems, if applicable and pass warm air over the switches using a common hair blow dryer.

Another cause could be reversed electrical polarity. The plug end will have 3 prongs. It must be directly connected into a properly wired and grounded wall recepticle. Reversed electrical polarity over a long duration of time will destroy the spark module.

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Thorough answer +

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The Model Number is JGP975.

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This happenned to me that while I was cleaning burnner with soapy wet sponge, ticking noise started. As you said it, I used blow dryer and I waited a couple of hours, then ticking noise has gone away. Many thanks, jay.

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The blow dryer worked great. THANK YOU!!!!!!

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Ya'll are most welcome. Glad I could help.

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