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Un potente portátil para estación de trabajo que cabe en un paquete portátil. Tiene múltiples puertos y conectores para un entorno de trabajo portátil.

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Some Keyboard keys are not working

Little less than halF oF my letters dont work i try reboot, it is not dirty as i saw ( i didnt take them oFF i just moved them little to see iF something was under) and i didnt spill anything on the keyboard, pls help, my e-mail is (sorry For bad writting some letters are copy/paste).

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Try connecting a USB keyboard and see if it works OK.

If it does then either your keyboard cable may be loose or the keyboard is faulty. If the cable connection seems OK then it is easier and will cause less trouble in the future if you replace the keyboard rather than try to fix it.

Here is a link to the service manual for your laptop.

On p.61 it details the pre-requisites and the procedures for removing the keyboard. Also on that page is the part number for the appropriate keyboard for the various countries. If you search online using just the part number, (do not add HP or keyboard or anything else it will skew the result) you will get suppliers of the part

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