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The Garmin Vivoactive is a GPS smartwatch that includes sports apps for tracking activities, notifications, calories, and sleep. This watch incorporates features for both active and working environments.

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Why is my vivoactive gaining time?

I have had my vivoactive for 12 months and my husband has had his for 11 months. We both wear our watches everyday. We use them primarily for watch functions, steps, and to measure the distance and time of runs - but it regularly goes swimming, golfing, jet skiing, fishing - love it. I am an accountant and my husband is a builder and wears his on the building site everyday. I have not updated the software on the watches since we bought them ("if it is not broken don't fix it") but it has not skipped a beat. In the last 2 weeks, both of our watches have gained time - and not at the same time. My watch gained half hour and my husband's approx 15 minutes. Cannot locate anything in troubleshooting. Has anyone had this issue?

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Have you tried setting the time manually and see if it still gains time without connecting it to your mobile?

Go to Settings > System > Clock > Set Local Time > Manual.

Have you checked the time on the device that the watch is paired with to see if its' time is always correct?

The Vivowatch time is automatically set when you connect it to a paired device.

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