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The Roku 3 (Model: 4200) is a third generation streaming device released on March 5, 2013. Connect to any television or video display with correct input connections to stream available content.

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Why is my remote not connecting to the Roku player?

I changed the batteries in my remote but it is still not working. My Roku does not respond even when I tried moving closer and made sure nothing was blocking the Roku player.

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Make sure that the batteries are a fresh pair and have the same brand as each other. Using two batteries with different brands can cause one to empty before the other, leading to the remote not working.

Your remote may not be paired with your Roku device. Try re-pairing your remote by removing the battery cover and holding the pairing button until you see the pairing LED flash. If done correctly, a remote pairing notification should appear on your screen.

For additional information and troubleshooting support, check out the Remote section of our troubleshooting guide.

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Activation of Roku

The activation of Roku is quite simple. All you need is a Roku streaming device, a high-speed internet connection, cables to set up and connect the devices. To start with, you need a Roku account for linking the device with your account. After performing the hardware setup login to your Roku account. If you are a new user then create a Roku account. The existing users can log in directly with their login credentials. Follow the instructions step-by-step carefully that is given on the official Roku website and complete the process. After you finish, an activation code will appear on the TV screen. Now visit and enter the code.

For further inquiries and clarification on the Roku com link activation , visit our website.

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