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The Huawei Y635 is an Android smartphone released by Huawei Technologies Co., a Chinese technology company in May 2015. It can be identified by model numbers Y635-L21, Y635-L01, Y635-L03, and Y635-L02.

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Phone locked fastboot rescue mode recovery failed

My Root huawei phone went to fast rescue recovery failed it says connect to PC open hisuite i do so, it said enableUSB debugging in phone ,I can't enter in to phone program the phone just brought the Android logo

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solve my phone

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My phone is stopped by a neck then writes mounts on the screen

{. Fastboot & rescue mode}

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Hi, my Huawei phone is locked in Fastboot & Rescue mode. It will also not turn off. I have done the power button and volume buttons and it still does not work, I have tacken out the battery. I have went to the web site, the say to go and, it wants me to loge in but

none of the places asked for where you live is the Us, Help please

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g630 u00 phone locked

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tenho um problema com o meu dispositivo huawei g535-l11 o dispositivo foi colocado no modo rescue

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Are you worrying about your Android phone stuck in fastboot mode? At this time, I will provide you with 5 useful ways to help you get rid of the fastboot mode.

Way 1: Long pressing the “Power” button to restart your phone.

Way 2: If you are using a phone with a removable battery, the direct way is to remove the battery and reinsert it. But if not, the way is to put your battery run out. And charge for some time to start your phone.

Way 3: Use ADB and Fastboot Tool

Use ADB and Fastboot Tool to exit fastboot mode, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download and install “ADB and Fastboot Tool”  on your PC.

Step 2: Find the installation directory and enter the ADB folder.

Step 3: Long press the “Shift” key, and click the right key of the mouse in the free area of the ADB folder. Then, select the option “open command window here”.

Step 4: Use a USB cable to connect the Android device that is stuck in fastboot mode with the PC.

Step 5: Enter the command “fastboot devices” in the command window and click “Enter” button on the keyboard.

Step 6: Locate your device. Then, type the command “fastboot reboot” and press “Enter”.

Way 4: Use Android Multi Tools

Android Multi Tools is a easiest third-part tool for all types of users to get out of fastboot mode quickly. After downloading the Android Multi Tool on your PC and connecting your Android phone to the computer, go to find the Android Multi Tools file and run it. Then a command prompt window will be displayed on the screen. Pressing number 9 “Exit Fastboot Mode” can help you exit fastboot mode and reset your device.

Way 5: Use iSumsoft Android Refixer

If you are using Samsung Android phones, you can also download a software called iSumsoft Android Refixer to solve the problem of stuck in fastboot mode. iSumsoft Android Refixer is aim to fix 30+ types of Android issues including stuck in fastboot mode. And it is professional and easy to operate.

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