My UE megaboom wont charge

Tried everything to fix the problem but nothing seems to fix my UE Megaboom not charging at all.

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First verify whether or not the speaker is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty period.

If it is, consult the documentation that came with the speaker or go to the manufacturer's website to find out what you have to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement.

If the warranty period is no longer valid, as you can see from the video in this link below, (disregard the 'opening' method) the speaker is not designed to be serviceable. This makes it hard to impossible to open the speaker without damaging it so that the fault can be diagnosed and repaired.

In the video the owner comments on the fact that the manufacturer advises that to get a warranty replacement/refund he is to destroy the speaker. This indicates to me that they are not interested in repairing their product (or designing it to be reparable - perhaps to do with the waterproof aspect of the speaker) and most probably do not even carry spare parts for it.

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My speaker doesn't want to open and does not charge


I was having the same problem with my two megaboom speakers. I tried almost everything but to no avail. Then I tried using the original yellow USB cords with the yellow outlet plugs and IT WORKED! Was able to charge them fully! Hope this helps!


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