What is causing the holes in my clothes? Towels being frayed?

The washer and dryer ... Not sure which one is doing it... but I get small holes in my shirts, and the towels are frayed, and holes in my undergarments. UGH!! WHY?

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I noticed that there were holes in my t-shirt from front to back. Not sure if it was the washer or dryer. It looked like a bite was taken out of it. I don't have a n agitator dash in my washer.


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Are you washing the shirts and undergarments using a gentle or delicates wash cycle? If not try it. It agitates and spins the clothing at a reduced speed, which causes less damage to the clothing. Also try placing the undergarments in mesh laundry wash bags. As they are usually of a more delicate material being in the bag(s) will prevent them from being caught and snagged by the other clothing during the wash cycle.

Not sure about the towels but perhaps they might be becoming frayed due to the dryer setting being too hot. I realize that you want them dry, but there is dry and then there is also 'bone dry' (this might also apply to the other clothing) . How much lint is being trapped in the dryer when the towels are being dried? If there is a lot, then the material is being removed from the towels, making them thinner and more prone to fraying.

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