Lanzado en Septiembre 19, 2014, este iPhone con pantalla de 4.7" es la versión pequeña del iPhone 6 Plus.

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microphone on iPhone 6 not working


i have an issue whit an iphone 6 the microphone is not working either on regular call , handfree, or even bluetooth i tried replacing both microphone top and bottom

i also tried put on and off noise reduction soft reset hard reset ios update and DFU

so at this point i dont know where to look for to solve this problem

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Considering everything else you have tried it is probably an issue on the logic board somewhere, I would get someone who has experience with logic board repair to have a look at it.

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i sent an e-mail to ipad rehad i hope have news soon


Did you ever get this figured out? I am having the very same issue.


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Hey Old pal!

Heres a post I wrote on iPhone 6 microphone problems

If this dosent help I think you'll need to replace the ic on the board

Did you have any luck?

Blue skies


Hope things are going well!

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@refectio @nick @alexniculescu I did not delete the question but did downvote it to give @screenfixedau an opportunity to review his answers. We do have to give anybody a chance to learn the rules before banning for Spamming. Consider to reverse your vote in moderation until we recognize which way the user is going. If it is going to be a habitual spammer I will delete this answer immediately


@oldturkey03 yeah, I initially marked if for moderation but then noticed that the contributor had done it several times yet was clearly trying to help. That's why I brought it up on meta. However, I think mayer dinged him might want to consider changing that.

Hopefully Ben will continue to contribute.


I've reversed mine this time @oldturkey03. I may not do this a second time.


@nick your call. You do not have to do anything anyone tells you. It was a suggestion not a demand.


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