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An upgraded version of the Microsoft Surface, the Microsoft Surface Pro (1514) Laptop/Tablet hybrid is very difficult to open and repair without further breaking the device.

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SSD replacement on Surface Pro

Hi guys.

Hope someone could give me a bit of advice regarding Surface Pro SSD replacement.

I was given a 1st Gen Surface Pro 256GB tablet with a dead SSD for free. The unit is in excellent condition and boxed, so I was quite keen to repair it. Using the iFixit guide I managed to remove the screen/digitizer without damaging the assembly or the ribbons.

Now my question is this - can I use any make msata SSD to replace the dead one? Are there any makes I should stay away from for reasons such as bios detection issues, booting problems, etc...

Thanks in advance.

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The term "msata" means mini sata, so there should be no issues with any msata drive as it uses the standard sata interface, that said if I were to make a recommendation I would say get either a Samsung SSD or an intel one, preferably of the MLC or v-nand (also know as : 3D-vertical) flash type as they have the best speed to reliability and pretty good capacity as well

Here is a good one... you can change the capacity,

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