This affordable large-screen Android phone sports a 5.7-inch display and large 3,400 mAh battery.

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Why does this phone keep restarting?

I can't understand why on other sites this phone is being praised. Ever since Ive had this phone all it does is shut down or restart. I could be typing something and out of the blue it will restart. It's annoying because it happens almost 6 times a day. I can't watch movies without it randomly restarting, I can't finish a text or go to my Twitter page without it shutting down or the bars dropping to 2 and making the internet slow down. Why is this happening? Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Short answer, take it back, theres obviously something wrong with it and if it has been happening since new then i doubt its fixable and will need to be replaced.


why does mine rebot itself all the time so i loose all my stuff


Just purchased my phone last month and started to reboot on its own. 3 times so far. No warning...just shut down and restarts. No messages afterwards as well. Was told that the phone was new.


I've only had mine a little over a month & now, I'm starting to have the same exact issue, except mine sometimes, won't even come back on at all!!!


My ZTE Zmax Pro is a replacement and it restarts itself a couple of times a day. It's annoying.


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This is starting to sound like a factory defect. Yes I love fixing stuff. However when it's like this, it's best to just bring it back. I haven't even looked and...ok I did look and even.. @jayeff confirms its a factory defect. Sounds like bad battery to me. Should be covered under a warranty

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