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Released in 2012, Monster DNA headphones, model number is MH DNA ON WHT CA WW,

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Why is sound coming from only one headphone?

My Monster DNA headphone is giving sound on only one side, whichever side the headphone cable is connected. sound doesnt reach the other side. How to open it to check?

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martinmassera if both the left and right "speaker" give out sound when connected, then you have a bad (broken ) crossover cable. It connects the two sides. You can check to see if it is as simple as a loose connection that just needs to be resoldered. Or you could build your own external crossover cable. This guide Monster DNA Wire Replacement should get you to the connections. Use a multimeter to see if you have continuity on the cable.

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@oldturkey03 The guide in your answer is forbidden Mike can you fix it for @vickohh


@jimfixer @vickohh give it a try by clicking on the link in the original answer. Hope it is corrected.


The same issue, the guide its forbidden.. any other idea?? regards..


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