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Una revisión de la PSP 300x original, lanzada en 2010. La reparación es igual de fácil.

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Psp 300x Backlight Fuse

Hi Guys!

I have my old PSP 3001, I drop it on the floor. Still turn On and Off, but with out image...

I replacentment the LCD, but still not working.

So I found out that is a BACKLIGHT FUSE,

Please some one tell me


I am tired to find out and get no result!

Thanks all guys who read and help!

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There is only a backlight fuse. There is no screen fuse. There is either a problem with the screen, or one of the components on the motherboard. Probably the IC that is in charge of video.

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Try checking component ic4104. That's the backlight driver and is located in the 11,C quadrant of side A on a TA-085 v1 board. The part number is TB62752BFUG. Test each connected capacitor to ground in continuity mode with a basic multimeter for a short. If one or more of the capacitors are shorted remove those and check the pads where the capacitors were. If there's still a short on both pads where the capacitors were then put back the original ones. Odds are if there's a short to ground but doesn't go away when you remove the capacitors then TB62752BFUG needs to be replaced.

PSP 2k Schematics (~95% 3k)

TB62752BFUG Datasheet

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