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Model A1138 / 1440x960 screen resolution

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PowerBook Charger Connector and Power Connector burnt

I have a PowerBook G4 15" late 2005 that I've been using for a while. It has a 3rd party charger because the original apple one broke. The charger is the right model and it has been working fine for about 7 months.

But today I plugged it in and it wouldn't charge. I took the charger out and plugged back in a few times, unplugged it at the wall etc. but still nothing. So I plugged it into the laptop again and it made a very breif sort of crackling sound. I took it out straight away and noticed that part of the connector was burnt. The power connector on the laptop is also burnt.

So, do I need to replace the entire DC board or can the connector be cleaned or something? I haven't taken a closer look at the laptop's power connector so I don't know how much it's damaged. The laptop still works fine though and I was able to use it for a few more minutes until the battery ran flat.

I realise it's an old laptop but I'd love to keep it for a while yet if it can be fixed easily. It has maxed out RAM and a 128GB SSD so I'd be pretty reluctant to give it up just yet.

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I had something like this with a MacBook Pro some time ago. It's probably worth replacing your charger to see if that does the trick. In my case, despite the dramatic "phut!" and black on both socket and connector, it was only the connector/charger which had gone.

It seems a bit hit and miss with third party chargers. Perhaps someone can recommend a good source of reliable ones...

Keeping a PowerBook G4 going here too. It's a lovely computer and does a few jobs well.

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Thanks, I've contacted the ebay seller of the charger since it's still under its 12-month warranty. It's probably a stupid question but can the laptop's connector be cleaned with something just so it has a good connection again?

- Por

You could give it a polish with a cotton wool bud perhaps... without any water.

- Por

A quick question for you, hope you won't mind... can you stream video on your G4 with maxed out RAM? I'd love to be able to use mine for more. It has such a nice screen.

- Por

Hm.. I've tried youtube and in WebKit it nearly plays it smoothly but still lags a bit. Every other web browser I've tried just plays it really choppily and always makes the fans rev up so I think just the CPU can't do it. Videos stream fine in my G5 which only has a little more RAM so I think it's mainly the CPU.

- Por

Cheers Milko C. Not just me then ;-)

- Por

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